Simudyne — Energy Strategy Simulation

I worked on-site with a multi-national energy corporation (confidential; referred to as “Client X”) to design UX/UI process flows, wireframes, mockups, and visual assets for an interactive, web-based simulation built to guide the client in high-level strategic discussions and decision-making (screenshots from the test simulation shown here, with company names obscured for confidentiality).

The premise of the simulation is that you can drag-and-drop oil & gas companies into “bidding entities” and edit various parameters to predict their likely partnerships and their bids on “blocks”, or geographic areas opened up by a nation’s government to drilling and extraction operations.

I also produced a comprehensive sequence of use cases to capture types of user interaction processes and to test for bugs in order to ensure full functionality of the simulation.  Interacting directly with client staff and subject matter experts, I gathered mathematical model data and UX/UI-related feedback for use at the start of each new development sprint.